Spring Equinox SoundBath

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S P R I N G    E Q U I N O X    S O U N D B A T H



6:00-8:00 PM




The Spring Equinox signals new beginnings and nature’s renewal. We are being reborn as we emerge from out Winter sleep as this is a point of union and balance poised between opposite forces. Light and dark, sun and moon, receptive and active.
It is an excellent time for transformation, ridding ourselves of old patterns and energies that no longer serve us and manifestation.

Join Sound Goddesses Jennifer Vagios + Colleen Torpie as they guide you through a unique journey of orchestrated sacred sounds.

You will be led through a sound “experience” that will be the ultimate journey for your mind, body, spirit and senses. We will start with brief discussion, setting intentions and possibly a few gentle stretches just to open the body up.

You will then lie down and be serenaded by a unique blend of sounds using gongs, singing bowls, vocal tones, and more.

The benefits of Sound Bath are endless.

*Note: No yoga experience necessary. You may lie down or sit up during the event.
This is not a yoga class.
**However, some gentle movements might be incorporated.
**Palo Santo and Incense will be used.

Expect the ultimate restorative and blissful experience.

The Yoga Gathering for Mothers

tori image

The Yoga Gathering for Mothers
w/ Tori Cronk

Saturday, March 14th
4-6:00 pm
$50 in advance, $55 day of
(Pre-Registration is preferred)



A uniquely beautiful+powerful energy emerges when mothers connect with other mothers.

The Yoga Gathering for Mothers has been created to provide a space for all mothers – in all phases of motherhood – to come together in community.

We move + breathe, but most importantly we join in community to witness one another as we walk this path of motherhood together.

Join me.


 Tori Cronk  has completed training programs through Riverstone Yoga and Yoga Haven and is certified to teach vinyasa, prenatal, and postnatal styles of yoga. She has also recently completed coursework in teaching trauma informed yoga through the organizations Exhale To Inhale + Crossover Yoga Project. Tori also holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, with extensive experience running therapeutic groups to varying populations.  

Tori is passionate about creating community through the practice of yoga, and it is her hope that her students feel both encouraged and empowered on the mat to explore their own physical and spiritual growth. Tori is honored and humbled to do this work and it has been one of her greatest blessings to be able to bear witness to one’s process on the mat.


Slow Flow + Restore w/ Sound


Slow Flow + Restore w/ Sound
Enhanced by Reiki + Essential Oils

Taught by Jody Raso
Accompanied by Jennifer Vagios on Sound

The class will begin with a gentle, slow flow practice to release stagnant energy + create space within the body.
We will then rest in Restorative Poses to further calm the nervous system.

Throughout the class, Jen will be filling the room with amazing healing sounds…think singing bowls, vocal tones, guitar etc…

While resting in Restorative Poses, Jody will offer hands on Reiki Infused adjustments. Essential Oils will be used throughout the practice.

March 15th
6-8 PM



Jody Raso is  A yoga instructor, a Reiki Master, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is  also a wife and a mama to two little boys. She loves to help guide people on their healing journey and uses a mix and match approach to best suit her client’s needs. She has worked extensively with adults and youth for the last 20 years to reduce and alleviate anxiety, stress, physical pain, sleep disorders, medications, and substance use. She teaches group classes, private sessions, and workshops all over Westchester.

Jennifer Vagios holds a Master’s Degree from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (Applied Physiology), an undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition, and a 500-hour yoga teacher certification thru the ISHTA yoga lineage in NYC {for starters}, an additional Certification in Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology for Yoga Teachers…for starters. She has also studied and continues to study applied functional medical nutrition and functional training/movement. She holds specialty certifications in restorative yoga, yoga nidra meditation,  and will be studying FRC   {functional range conditioning and mobility specialist}, Reiki and personal training in 2020. In addition, she has studied Ayurvedic nutrition, Sound Healing, Kiran Leadership, Essential Oil Therapy, and raindrop technique training. All of this training informs her work with clients and gives her a range of modalities to choose from.

Ashtanga Workshop

ashtanga workshop

*A S H T A N G A   W O R K S H O P*
~ The Roots of Vinyasa~

Saturday February 29th

2:30-4:30 PM




A traditional system of yoga based on the eight limbs of Patanjali created by Pattahbi Jois

Ashtanga was one of the first yoga practices to reach Western culture in the 70s. It’s a vigorous sequential style flow that involves synchronized breathing along with progressive postures to stoke internal heat and detoxify the body.

Within the system are several series, each with a different focus promoting expansion through discipline, mindfulness and breath — meaning growth occurs when you continuously show up for yourself. Even with its challenging nature, at the core of Ashtanga is yoga chikitsa, or yoga therapy. The heat we create helps purify the body in turn bringing more mental clarity. This age-old discipline helps us to restore and maintain a healthy, balanced life from the inside out — and it doesn’t hurt that it makes you strong and grounded along the way.


Our goal in this two hour workshop is to learn how to properly engage in breath initiated movement (vinyasa), experience a gradual mix of Primary + Second Series poses to build our agni (digestive fire), and develop a deeper mind body connection.

We will begin with a brief introduction to Ashtanga, down to the roots. As a group, we will then perform Ujjayi pranayama to get our mind + body in sync.

Following our breath work, we will start to move our bodies with a more liberal Ashtanga practice — keeping our breath count and sequence traditional while leaving room for modifications and moving carefully into a few Second Series poses halfway through Primary Series. Primary Series is all about learning how to ground and build strength while Second Series is all about supporting the nervous system with strength and backbends. This will serve as an exciting lens to see the potential within the practice and how to navigate movement safely.

We’ll end with a long savasana and time for discussions/questions!

~ N A M A S T E ~

Post Natal Yoga for Mom & Baby: a 6 week series

post natal

Post Natal Yoga for Mom & Baby: A 6-Week Series

with Tori Cronk 

FRIDAYS 11am -12pm




Please join us for this community building yoga class specifically designed for the new mom and her pre-crawling baby. We will explore yoga asana intended to nourish, replenish, align, and strengthen the post-partum body. We will learn different breathing and meditation techniques to soothe the mind and cultivate a sense of presence. Most importantly this series is intended to support you in connecting to community.

Support yourself so that you can best support your family.

Feeding and diapering baby during class are welcome. Please bring a blanket for baby and please check with your doctor or midwife before beginning your post natal yoga practice.

All are welcome. Come just as you are.


Fundamentals of Yoga


This is a four-week, on-going series.
Sundays: 1:00-2:15 PM

1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16

Jen Krakowsky
$100 for 4 classes



Perfect for beginners looking to understand the building blocks of a flowing vinyasa yoga class, as well as for experienced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of proper alignment and breath pacing in their practice.

The series will walk students carefully through the building blocks of a full vinyasa class in four installments.

Class 1 begins with a presentation of ujayii pranayama, or the “victorious breath” used in vinyasa yoga, followed by warm up

Class 2  will briefly review the first class’s elements and then focus on several standing poses such as the Warrior poses, side angles, and some standing balance poses.

Class 3 will include a review of the first two classes, and then explore forward bends and twists.

Class 4 will link all the elements of the first three classes, and end with some exploration of back bending poses as well as one or two beginner level inversions.

We will also look at the flow of sun salutations, which is the basis of vinyasa.

Upon completion students are ready for our level 1, level 1/2 and mixed/all level classes.

MIDLINE Method Immersion


MIDLINE Method Immersion 

with Cass Ghiorse

2020 is the year of FEARLESS ACTION, both as a collective + in our personal growth. In that light, I offer this immersion!

I would be honored if you would join me in February to discover + find your MIDLINE




A workshop style immersion that centers around the tenants of MIDLINE. Equal parts study + experiment. It’s a pilot program of something that could possibly expand!


~ Anatomy as it pertains to breath and core work

~Deconstructing the traditional approach to yoga asana

~Thought work/Inquiry based coaching (Managing your mind, emotions, actions + results)

~Culture/art as an influence for your practice (and teaching)

~LOTS of Q + A, demos, + partner work


~Dance Breaks!

WHAT IT ISN”T:  A Teacher Training!


~Students who resonate with me + my approach to movement in a class setting

~People who have a curiosity + commitment to a practice as it lives in them and their daily lives

~Anatomy nerds

~Philosophy nerds

~Life nerds

~People who tend to overthink the practice (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

~People who feel they are on a path …not just wandering aimlessly through life

~Yoga Teachers looking to add new fresh content to their teaching

~People who are considering doing a teacher training but are not sure where or which one


4 Saturdays 12-2 PM

February 1st, 8th, 29th, + 3/7

Hastings Yoga

45 Main Street Hastings on Hudson NY


$200 for all 4

$55 a la carte





cass 1

Toddler/Kids + Tween Yoga

toddler:kids:tweens yoga

Toddler/Kids/Tween Yoga Resumes The Week Of September 9th!

TODDLER YOGA/YOGA STORY TIME :  (Ages 18 months-3 years with Caregiver) TUESDAYS 10:30-11:15 am

KIDS YOGA:  (ages 3-7) THURSDAYS 4-4:45 PM

TWEEN YOGA:  (age 8-11) TUESDAYS 4:30-5:15 PM



16 CLASSES: SIBLING DISCOUNT $224 (two or more siblings can share the same package)


**Yoga may help young people achieve a greater sense of well being, perform better at school and release anxiety. Taught in a playful, non-competitive environment with the goal of teaching and encouraging a gentle attitude and greater self-care.**

Effort + Ease Classes

Hastings Yoga is happy to introduce their awesome Effort + Ease Class.  The class will be a sweaty/dynamic flow set to uplifting, spirited music for the first 30 minutes….The last 30 minutes will be used to totally chill out and relax in gentle/restorative poses for a total melt experience. Expect essential oils, sometimes live music or sound healing during the relaxation portion….come to get happy and relax! Both uplifting and relaxing all in one. Appropriate for all levels. We cannot wait to see you on your mat!


Wednesday 6:15-7:15 PM w/ Tori Cronk

Friday 6:30-7:30 PM w/ Jen Devery



wwwhohnyyogacom_f56c1fb6FitBody is a fun & empowering class set to upbeat music. Classes begin with a warm up focusing on correct posture and alignment, followed by a series of upper body strengthening moves. The class begins standing to sculpt the lower body, abs and for flexibility training. Then it is down to the mat for core work and a relaxing and invigorating final stretch. Its a great overall workout that fine tunes and sculpts the body. Perfect cross training for yogis and athletes of all kinds.

Saturday 8:45-9:45 am w/ Stephanie



Prenatal Yoga



with Helen Davis 

SUNDAYS 11:30 AM-12:45 PM

Our prenatal class includes yoga postures, relaxation and breathing techniques, abdominal and pelvic floor toning to prepare the mind, body and spirit for labor and delivery.

Additional benefits include deepening the experience and enjoyment during this beautiful time, preventing and relieving the common discomforts of pregnancy, ease fear and anxiety and enhance postnatal recovery.

This class is beneficial at anytime during pregnancy.

Please consult your physician or midwife prior to participation. Taught by Helen Davis
Click here to book a class.

Meditation and Breathing Class, open for all

wwwhohnyyogacom_f1f9589dTuesday sessions are open to all.

Feeling stressed?
Can’t catch your breath?
Can’t sleep?

Throughout the day, when we experience stress, our bodies automatically react in ways that prepare us to fight or run. In some cases of extreme danger, this physical response is helpful. However, a prolonged state of such agitation can cause physical damage to every part of the body and can lead to serious medical problems. Join Hastings Yoga in this series where we learn how meditation corrects much of the damage caused by stress, helping the body to repair itself, restoring the body to a calm state, and preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress. Yoga and meditation instructor Joy Solomon will also describe and demonstrate focused breathing techniques that enhance the mind’s ability to stay present and to be fully engaged.

Registration is available here

Class dates are Tuesdays, 8:15-9:00PM.

$20/drop in

Seating is limited, registration is suggested, but not required. Both chair and bolster seating will be available.